Hello, I’m Josh Bucher.

That’s Bücher. It’s German. It’s like Booker, but with a long “u” sound. You know what? Don’t even worry about it.
I’m the Marketing Director for Winnetka Community House, a unique non-profit on Chicago’s North Shore. And when I say Marketing Director, I mean Marketing Department. I handle everything from marketing plans to campaign development to design to illustration to managing budgets to coordinating poster schedules to mounting these little signs that say “free wifi!” Some people call me a jack-of-all-trades. I prefer to think of myself as a One Man Marketing Army.

I received my BFA in Graphic Design from Indiana University in 2003. It was a well rounded program that gave me a lot of good design experience working on everything from multimedia projects in Flash to letterpress books.

While at IU, I worked at the Indiana Memorial Union’s Marketing Department. This gave me invaluable opportunities to apply my design skills in a real world setting, as well as learn the basics of marketing for a broad range of products and services.

After graduation, I spent two years in Baltimore and worked in-house for the Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s office. Realizing I needed better hot dogs, I moved to Chicago. In 2006 I began working at WCH, where they had never had in house marketing or design. When I began there the basic need was for quarterly program guides and fliers advertising classes and events. I am happy to say that I have built a 21st century department that engages our audience in a smart and efficient manner. We are now able to respond to not only the changing needs of a non-profit, but to the changing community we serve.
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